In January of 2013, the inaugural class of Hope School of Ministry (HSSM) gathered from around the world in Auckland, New Zealand - school was in session. After weeks and months spent dreaming, the two-week school was now a reality. Founded by our very own Angela Soh, the school has been hosted annually since. Not only does the school gather wonderful, passionate students but it is a host to some of this generation's greatest teachers, pastors and leaders from New Zealand, Australia and Singapore. 

HSSM's curriculum includes - the Father heart of God, identity and sonship, revival history, living in community, healing, signs and wonders.

For more information, visit HSSM's website.

“Dear friends who hunger to see more of the manifest presence of God and raise disciples with the help of signs and wonders just as Jesus did it. I thoroughly recommend the school. The 12 or so people who went from my centre all benefited tremendously and certainly were able to tap into a new dimension of the experiential realm in God. They became the witnesses Jesus taught us about - ones that have seen and heard! Having tasted the love of God in power in this way, people generally are far easier motivated to serve from the heart and confident in their walk with God. A blessing and a must for all those who want a quality, face to face kind of relationship with Father and be propelled to disciple nations.”
— Mark Rusic | Pastor, Hope Melbourne City Centre